Vol. 01


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Debut Demo released 30th January 2014.


released January 30, 2014

Andrew Scott @ Advent Studios, Melbourne.



all rights reserved


GRIEVER Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: The World's Walls
Welcome to the mind numbing craze
This world is too complex to grasp,
Yet its so simple its beyond a mind to clasp.

Leads me to ask are we meant to gaze or rats stuck in a cage?
Trapped in a maze life's true phase,
Repeating day by day

Free as a bird they say
To spread those wings and glide atop of the world's walls
Plagued by our fears we will never leave the ground.

Humans are just like vultures,
Fighting for prey, shrinking at nothing and scaring each other away.
Flocking with the crowd from home to grave

We've been waiting for a morning to come for so long,
After years in the dark we're starting to hate the sun.

All these truths are just speculations.
For a universe so vast and great.
We are dots in creations plot.
For an ocean of knowledge we've only discovered a drop.

Roots of the unknown the mind's too overgrown
Roots of the unknown the mind's too overgrown

Free as a bird they say.
Track Name: Valley Of Sin
Struggling to find my vision,
It used to be as clear as day.

As I walk this road paralysed and frozen weakened by the fact that this is the path that I have chosen.
Once I was so young and foolish.

Pleading to gods for answers,
As I grew older and colder those idols began to fade.
The light seemed to dim, as I walked the valley of so called sin.

Divided from my kin, i found a world without a king.
Hell's not somewhere you go,
It's something you carry heavily.

Shown a life in a endless cycle.
Shown a world in a endless struggle.

We all have reasons for fighting demons,
Years walking through coldness, slowly deepens.
The mystery consumes my freedoms,
The human mind is treason.

The shadow of a whisper,
Suffocates my senses,
A thousand attempts breaths a thousand failures.
Caught in a trap by my own demons, tormented and pressured.
At war with myself,
At war with my mind.
Track Name: Statistic Form
The more things change the more they stay the same.
We feel the pain and puzzle of the human game.
Who can cast the blame when we're all acting the same.
Economic schemes and blood money has stolen our dreams.
The beating heart of society bleeds,
Every time humankind plants its seeds.

Please stop living like you're waiting to die, afraid of the horror that you will find.
Its only a matter of time before we all pay for our crimes.

Who can say how except in the minds of those who will call it now.
The more things change the more they stay the same.

How do we create a perfect future?
How do we create a beginning without causing an end?
Life just plays us again.

Society spending its anxiety on golden storms,
Neither citizen nor ancestor, only a statistic form.
The essence of death is slowly born.
The human name is finally torn.